You have to go back. 

You need to do it soon. Political disagreements are now turning violent. The cold civil war is heating up. You can blame the God-Emperor if you want, but his election is only a symptom of a deeper malaise. So let’s talk about America, what it is and what it is not. 

It is not a “melting pot.” Do you even know whence that phrase came? Propaganda. 

It is not a proposition nation. Have you heard that term before? Propaganda. 

America is more than an “economy.” I’m glad – on an individual basis – that someone may find success and happiness here. But you can’t bring everyone with you, and it is not a job site for the rest of the world. 

 But what will happen? Crisis? Upheaval? We will survive (without you). So much of our wealth is illusory, and it’s not even that if repatriation is on the table. It become mal-investment on an unbelievable scale. 

Stuff may cost more. That’s okay. Housing will be cheaper. Companies will fold due to lack of workers. Jobs will pay more. Maybe more women will stay home with their kids. That’s not a bad thing. It’s the most important thing a woman can do. More moms at home? Good for the family. 

And you Boomer fucks will have to realize that your house isn’t worth $900,000 anymore. No, you weren’t savvy investors after all. You just bought and held while you gave out cheap credit to the credit-unworthy, pricing your children out of the markets by importing your slave class. Did we already tell you not to let the door hit you on the way out? Falling home prices? Good for the consumer. 

Record numbers of real American men are dropping out of the workforce. Few talk about this. Wages are flat, and we prop ourselves up with debt. Normally I don’t look at the economy as a zero-sum game, but to fix it we may need to pick winners and losers. If we do, I choose my tribe. I don’t mean anything racial by that; blacks are still Americans. But I do mean culture. Heritage America is more important than the globohomo crowd. Charles Murray chronicles this in his book, Coming Apart.

But this grand experiment in Self-Government, what has been rightly called an extension of the Anglo-Saxon project, is much more than idea or a concept. America is my home. It is my birthright. It is not yours. 

You have to go back.