No, I’m not talking about TO Lodges. 

I had high hopes for that trend, but I’m fairly disappointed with what I see. Mostly fat guys who want to have steak at dinner (admittedly a step up from most Masonic cuisine), talk about scotch, and wear white tie (even if they don’t wear it properly or well).  Have those vests altered guys


I appreciate formality, but I think we can reintroduce a more formal tone into our lodges without chartering new ones.  We have too many lodges already. And it only takes one or two slobs to take the mysterious veneer off of a TO lodge. And a TO lodge has one job! 

So start fashion-shaming those boomer cucks in your blue lodge! They already gave away the estate. The least they can do is look dignified while the ship sinks. Tell them to put on a jacket at least. Tell your incoming JWs to buy a tailcoat, tie and vest (properly altered!). In two years, at least your dais officers will look better.