Grand Lodge members may have arranged fake protests for the World Conference. 

Who would have guessed that members of the general public weren’t outraged by a group they know nothing about? If you haven’t read the latest from, you need to. Remember that these are allegations made by others. Read the article for yourself. 

You really need to. 

The sad part is that this insight points to two possibilities: our elected leadership were either duped by the stunt, or they are in on the game. Which one is worse? My cynical side tells me that they are all in on it, gradually leading the rest of us (racist, sexist, homophobe deplorables from the hinterlands) to their version of utopia. I guess the modus operandi for the Grands these days is a big, fat spoonful of Tikkun Olam. Perhaps we should relocate the Grand Lodge in Fresno. 

At #AnnComm16, we heard that we were close to losing all sorts of money, because our business partners would cut ties with us (if we didn’t cut ties to GA and TN). So, if the story is true, that means our own Grand Lodge people were willing to ruin us financially if we didn’t get on board with their Social Justice Warrior crusade. That sounds a bit like Disney refusing your money if you don’t want to see the gay scene in their new Beauty and the Beast. 

That also sounds like grounds for a Masonic investigation.