I have been concerned for awhile now about the very hands-off approach of the Grand Lodge to the various ethnic factions currently “rejuvenating” our old lodges. We can only hope all lodges get to experience such enrichment. In lamenting one of their kills, I wrote:

“The Grand Lodge is well aware of what is happening. They are watching, but they can’t do anything. They are constrained by:

  1. A belief in “equality,” which they interpret as sameness (and not as equal [only] in God’s eyes).
  2. A belief that simply living in America will be enough for foreigners to eschew tribal/racial politics.
  3. A belief that failing to believe 1 and 2 makes them racist.”

I stand by all of these remarks. I also understand the desire of The Grand Lodge to remain hands off, even though deep down in their hearts, they know that all is not well. They see it every time a lodge adds “Sublime” to their name…so to speak. Brothers in the Bay Cities will get the joke. But what to do to contain the problem? I have a few ideas on that, but the point of this post is to encourage our leaders to act sooner rather than later. Specific actions are worthy of discussion, but the time has come, whatever they may be. 

We know that our lodges have been caught unawares in the past, blind to the threat posed when large numbers of visitors start appplying for membership.  I had hoped that once the trend was spotted, brothers would act to protect our lodges. You would think Californians would be especially cognizant of such trends. Since the enrichment continues, clearly I was mistaken. I think too few brothers are willing to confront the tribal variable at work. For the most part, American Masons don’t get involved in identity politics. We don’t like factions, and certainly not factions based on your tribe. Because we don’t do it, and (white) Americans in general don’t get involved in identity politics, we assume our new residents (wanting to be American) will give up tribal politics. But that’s all bunk; we just don’t see it. Our antennas are not tuned to that frequency, so we can’t even pick up the signal. Only Deplorables scan the airwaves for that sort of thing. 

But Deplorable we are, and the national drama preceding and following the recent election of the God-Emperor shows us that identity politics are here to stay (unless we return to pre-1965 demographics). So we will notice, and we will call a spade a spade. Once properly attuned, the contemplative Mason will gain an entirely new perspective on the state of the Craft in California. It’s like the scene in the Matrix, “Why do my eyes hurt?” 

“You’ve never used them before.”

So here’s my five-point plan:

1. Stop being cucks. You are giving away the estate, and you are salting the earth that future generations will plant. The house divided will not stand. Stop interfering with Lodges that are taking action. 

2. Suspend charters. When a lodge has been “enriched” to the point that it becomes toxic, remove it. Seize their assets and declare them irregular. It’s not personal. There are too many Lodges anyway, for so few Masons. If you have read my previous posts, you will be surprised that I am proposing such authoritarian action by the Grand Lodge. But for every thing there is a season. Even our long-dead federal Constitution, that “charter of negative liberties,” esteemed by Masons, has a provision for Marshal Law. 

3. Hunt down and expel the Snakes. We began to do this a few years ago. The work is not done. 

4. Refuse them entry. Let them charter their own, clandestine lodges. 

5. Give up your political correctness. This may mean giving up your allegiance to many of the old shibboleths (heh) which have proved harmful: “diversity is our strength.” No brother; that’s a lie. Diversity + Proximity = War.