Attendees to Annual Communication were treated to an accounting of GM Perry’s actions relative to the Grand Lodges of Tennessee and Georgia earlier in the year. If you missed it, you can read about it here. Interesting side note: the Grand Lodges of both jurisdictions upheld their Grand Masters’ actions. 

After his report, Grand Master Perry made a motion to continue the suspension of recognition until such time as the Grand Lodges of TN and GA fall into lock step with the Narrative of The Current Year, or something. And what was the result? It passed. And then…

A standing ovation. Spontaneous, thunderous applause. 

How very brave. When the world came to demand that you disavow your brothers, you capitulated. No; capitulation is perhaps too strong. This was as practical as it was political. The decision bothers me less than the response. 

It was disappointing to see 1,400 Masons jump to their feet, so eager to virtue-signal, to once again congratulate themselves on their enlightened tolerance, rather than what the decision should have aroused: lamentation.

A lament dear brother. That is the proper reply to a wayward brother from whom you dissociate, called by your conscience. What now? That “unbroken bond, ‘twixt you and me,” is cut. Perhaps it shall be mended one day. But I saw a room full of brothers, quick to rub their virtue in the faces of those deemed less enlightened than they. That is not a cause for celebration. That is not tolerance.