Needless to say, we (and likely many Masons outside of San Francisco) are excited about the Ascension of God-Emperor Trump. If you’re wondering about that term, see Milo

If you have wondered about why some of your brothers are happy when they should be sad, sad when they should be happy, and why they are working themselves into fits over President-elect Trump, this excerpt may be helpful. Remember, many of our brothers need to virtue-signal to feel good about themselves. It helps them cope, because deep down, they know they have sold their birthrights and those of their children…

The below was copied from the comment section at Vox Day’s blog. It is NSFW, and contains a few crude terms. But we don’t shy away from rough-hewn phrases. What are you, a wuss?
Very good primer for understanding the left’s meltdown:from Bixxy Noodles on MPCdotforums

Cognitive dissonance is a major problem in our over-SCALEd society. The information control systems (education-media complex) used by our governing order to manage the people and keep them in line lead directly to the people adopting a lot of conflicting and wrong beliefs in order to adapt to the system and get by. The indoctrination of these conflicting beliefs happens mostly in education, while the purpose of the major media has been to reinforce them via “the narrative” and provide a vehicle for the management of any cognitive dissonance which does arise.

This election has been a case study in this dynamic. The regnant orthodoxy demands that its partisans believe all sort of incompatible and false things: everyone is equal except white males, faggotry is normal and healthy while traditional marriage is rape, debt is money, and way too many other examples to list. Because of the constant, competing cognition these nonsensical and contradictory beliefs generate, the people who hold them are in a nearly constant state of emotional disequilibrium. They are temperamentally brittle, and easily perturbed into emotional outbursts as their cognitive dissonance essentially causes their brains to lock up and blue screen.

The old media narrative control system evolved specifically to mitigate this problem. By dramatically narrowing the Overton Window and ruthlessly deprecating everything outside of it, the amount of contradictory stimulus and information generating dissonance was reduced. They also provided mantras as tools for people to use to insulate themselves from dissonance: extremist!, racist!, conspiracy theory!, dangerous!, insane!, etc.

The advent of the internet undermined and routed around this control and management system, to the point where, in The Current Year, the only people still using the old media are the ones who need it most to manage their dissonance problems.