Readers and kindred spirits will be delighted to learn that the PGM’s recommendation to begin the scrubbing of all things Christian from our fraternity failed. If I recall correctly, it may have earned fewer votes than last year. If only our governing bodies in all areas of life had such requirements. 

I heard a speaker against use the term “politically correct.” That’s excellent. And I heard a proponent mention slurs both against and from Jews. So it would appear that I was right. This is, at least partly, about teaching lessons to others, whether they want them or not. Call it Social Justice, call it Tikkun Olam, whatever phrase you think fits. I will admit in advance that I may be wrong, but it seems to me that no matter how tolerant you think you may be, brother, there are those who still have lessons to teach you. 

The bigger, more troubling question is whether Freemasonry itself will be a willing vehicle for these “good works.” After all, Progress has to keep progressing. Even when it strays into questionable realms. At the rate we’re going, I foresee the day when our first transgender grandmaster recommends an end to single sex restrooms in all Masonic buildings.