Most Masonic blogs leave much to be desired. This isn’t a bold statement; most blogs suck. Some will say that this one does too. That’s fine. A wise woman once said, “…the haters gonna hate hate hate. But why are they so reliably bad? I can think of a few possible reasons. 

  1. Ahead of their time – a lot of our brethren are old. How many brothers in your Lodge have AOL or Roadrunner email addresses? Maybe all of our good writers aren’t good with WordPress. Maybe it will change with time. This is being kind though. I suspect most of the reasons fall under the following category…
  2. They’re Boring – there’s no getting around this one. What to write about? “My Masonic Journey.” Please. If you put it out there for everyone to read, it should be more than just a diary of how you felt after your degree or being installed as Jr. Steward for the first time. Talk to me about the Craft. How have you applied your lessons? 
  3. Politically correct – file under boring. But also dangerous to the vitality of the Craft. I hope to change all this. No topic is taboo here, and I don’t mind shining lights in those darkened corners where we have allowed, by misguided, benign neglect, insalubrious attitudes and factions to flourish. 
  4. Virtue signaling – that is, an obsession with showing the world how wonderful we are. We’re so tolerant, so righteous. George Washington was a Mason, you know. You want us to throw our brethren in flyover country under the bus? Okay! As long as you don’t call us bigots! Want us to waste spend our money on politically-driven public schools? Sure! We will even talk about how a free public education is the basis for everything we hold dear!       S-M-R-T. It’s amazing Washington has survived. He owned slaves you know. He probably would have discriminated against gays too. 
  1. No RealTalk – rarely will you find a Masonic blog that has anything worth saying (until this one). Just the facts; nothing more. A Masonic aggregator. It’s like they set out to be the Masonic version of Drudge, without the catchy headlines. Then some drive-by commenter throws out something unMasonic sounding, and the the hands get to wringing! Friday night fun! Gawd – ask your wife to service you. 

What to do about it?

This, the Last Redoubt of what I like to think of as traditional Freemasonry in California, will

  • Always cast a critical and reactionary eye upon our betters in the Grand Lodge cabal. 
  • Work to sound the alarm on ONOB, for more and more Lodges are falling to them. 
  • Call out Masons who cower before the shrieking mobs of SJWs, who will never be appeased. Remember brother: you’re too old, straight and white for the New World being built here in California. 
  • Offer our advice on moving the pendulum back, not in a folksy- racist way. I live in a city too; I’m not a hick. But we will no longer swallow the poison pill that teaches (and is not Monitorial) that to be a good and tolerant Mason, you must accept invasion of your country and the subversion of your Nation. America is not its  government, and the State is not the Nation. 
  • Never accept that meeting on the level means never favoring one culture over another. We will not remove Shakespeare from the classroom of life to make way for savagery. 
  • Connect the dots between Masonry and its lingering allegiance to Progressivism, which, despite Steve Doan’s belief that it has been a tool for good, has been the source of even greater evil. 

So we will press on, at least until the last Lodged is fully converged to the message of Social Justice. Then I might find something better to do. Know when to hold ’em; know when to fold ’em.