So the Grand Master did this 6 weeks ago. We’re a little late.

Always eager to demonstrate how right-thinking and Progressive we are, GM M. David Perry, likely with much input from the executive committee, has wrung a self-righteous hand at our brethren in Tennessee and Georgia.

As a result of the suspension of recognition of The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Georgia and the Grand Lodge of Tennessee F. & A. M., a Georgia or Tennessee Mason may not attend a tiled meeting of a California Lodge, and a California Mason may not attend a tiled meeting of a lodge under the jurisdiction of one of these two Grand Lodges.

What do you think our Persian brothers would do with a homosexual applicant to a lodge chartered by the Grand Lodge of Iran in exile?

How about African Masons?

Do you think that these Masons, raised by non-Westrons, should reflect our liberal, Western values? And if they instead cling to values held by American Masons as recently as 20 years ago, will we disown them?

The Grand Lodge of California must not apologize for anything done by our brothers outside of California. But it must bow to the alter of political correctness. It is a converged institution. What is that? Why, dear brother, have you not read SJWs Always Lie?