The Grand Lodge convened yesterday, don’t you know.  It’s always good to be back.  It’s Annual Communication and time for the GL members to vote on all the good things they want to do for the Constituent Lodges. 

We here at MR have long been of the opinion that the GL ought to be frequently reminded that it is the creation of the Lodges, and not the other way around. 

Normally the GL occupies itself with dull, yet necessary things like clearing up the Code.  This is also the time when our Grand Progressive brethren occasionally float a trial balloon, to see just how Progressive (or Reactionary) the rest of the brethren are.  This year does not disappoint!  For they have proposed a step toward making the Lodge more inclusive by doing away with…the Holy Bible.  


To the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, F. & A. M. of California:
WHEREAS, Freemasonry is open to men of all religions, so long as they express a belief in a Supreme Being and the Immortality of the soul; and
WHEREAS, Section 402.060, Paragraph E of the California Masonic Code requires that if a candidate takes his obligation on a sacred book other than the Holy Bible, a small Holy Bible must also be present upon the altar; and…
WHEREAS, requiring the presence of the Holy Bible in addition to a candidate’s choice of sacred book implies the superiority of the Holy Bible over the candidate’s chosen book, an implication incompatible with the universality of Freemasonry.

Along with this, our own Grand Master, MW Russ Charvonia, has recommended a thorough scrubbing of the ritual, removing specific references to the Bible.  He has shown himself to be an Entryist. Too bad; I really do like the guy.  But there is a difference in admitting a foreigner, allowing his book to share the alter with yours, and removing yours to make him feel more welcome.  I’m sure MW supports #openbordersforIsrael too. 
My brothers, whatever America may be today, it was founded by English Christians, for English Christians. All of our Lodges trace their ancestry to the GL of England. There is a place where the Torah is the only book on the alter; it is called Israel. A lodge in Turkey most likely adorns their alter with the Quran. In America, the Bible belongs on the alter. 

This is the political correctness that infects our Grand Lodge.  A brother commented today that he thought both would pass with supermajorities. My guess is more than a few brothers will voice support, but will secretly vote no.  A few years back, when Californians had had enough of paying for the upkeep of their Nuevo Americanos and passed prop 187, the exit polls predicted a sound defeat. When the votes were counted, it had passed 2-1.  We will find out tomorrow.