After a long break, we are back.  We will take a break from our ceremonial and well-deserved thumping of MW Doan to mourn the passing of some of our old lodges.  A friend of MR and brother in the Sacramento region recently informed us that the members of a well-established lodge in a nearby town recently voted to surrender their charter.  We also heard recently that the lodge in Patterson, CA (#488) was considering the same.  We are told, but cannot confirm, that both lodges are flush with cash.  Meanwhile, the membership of Valley Lodge #135 is booming.  Valley #135 is in Linden, CA (pop. <10,000; think Charming if you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy).  Patterson seems to lack for members.  They should consolidate.  They should not surrender their charter (and their money) to the Grand Lodge (which, my brothers, is what happens when a Lodge surrenders the charter – a story for another day).

What killed Provident #609? Why is #135 booming? In a word, Entryism.

This is not a new concept; we have borrowed it from others.  But it is not in common conversation.  In short, it describes the tendency of subversive groups to play nice when first introduced, until they achieve dominance and take control.  Then the Entryists begin to implement their agenda, whether feminist, SJW, political or tribal.  You can see the results of Entryism in old clubs that change their rules to include women.  You can see this when people with a political agenda begin to influence organizations, bringing their political agendas with them.  This describes Our Newly Obligated Brothers (ONOB) perfectly.  The factions within #609 finally got tired of the standoff, and they mutually agreed to burn it down to keep the other from getting the prize.  Valley #135 will soon find themselves in a similar position as #609, which is a standoff between the old guard and the new faction.  It is as foreseeable as it is avoidable.  Hopefully they too will kill it, rather than surrender to the Entryists.  Here comes the worst part:

The Grand Lodge is well aware of what is happening.  They are watching, but they can’t do anything.  They are constrained by:

  1. A belief in “equality,” which they interpret as sameness (and not as equal in God’s eyes).
  2. A belief that simply living in America will be enough for foreigners to eschew tribal/racial politics.
  3. A belief that failing to believe 1 and 2 makes them racist.

But this began as a lament. A moment of silence for the lost lodge.