No Male Only Spaces For You, Bigot. 

It’s time to get on board brothers. Your Grand Lodge, the good folks at the California Freemason, and every Masonic symposium speaker of the past 10 years agree: let the women join the Lodge! Question for MW Stu: what’s happening on your publication committee? There is no need to one-up anyone; the UGLE already admits “transwomen.”

Women in the Lodge?

I called it by the way…5 years ago. Here is the post.

Oh, it won’t be this year. Even dedicating an entire issue of California FemmeMason to the subject of women in the Lodge, while a shot across the bow, is not even close to proposing such a radical change.

But I can picture it. Probably around 2022, Annual Communication: proponents of the resolution will file up to the podium. Cooper will speak on how history shows women have always been in the Lodge, and there is a (possibly apocryphal) story that proves it! Charvonia will appeal to inclusiveness and diversity, while reminding us that America was never a British, Christian nation. So why would our Lodges be so? And why can’t we convene on your sabbath, bigot? The then-Junior PGM Art Weiss will read his inspired words of May, 2019.

And then you will vote for it. It won’t pass outright, of course. But it will carry over. And maybe with a year in between, we can quietly build the support necessary to kill the damn thing. But it will be back.

I hate to be so cynical, but looking at recent history, can there really be any doubt as to the motive here? If you think I am wrong, please show me where.

Let the Girls In! Because Feminine Symbols!

One of the more galling pieces of equalist agitprop in the latest amazing issue of California FemmeMason (or should it be California FierceMason?) is the article by one Aimee Newell, who appears to be a historian and archivist. In it, she shows a number of examples of our symbols which have been historically depicted anthropomorphicly as women. Also featured are some non-Masonic artifacts that feature our symbolism. No links provided; the site is not secure.

This is all fine and good, of course, and Mrs. Newell appears to be a fine person. In isolation, it is exactly the sort of writing that we Masons love: full of symbolism and history. But the implication is, as it always is lately, that women are (and have always been) essential to the Lodge. This is true, but not in the way the piece is intended to be read. Whether admitted or not, the magazine is not so subtly laying the foundation for a new Lodge. A more inclusive Lodge. One in which women will finally be able to observe what their husbands have been up to all these years.

I do not mean to discount the role of women. I love my dear Mrs. Amicus, and I can’t imagine life without her. Wonderful wife. Wonderful mother. Women have always had a starring role in Masonry. Without them – wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, widows – why go to all the effort to improve ourselves and lead virtuous lives? For whom do we labor (speculatively and operatively)? Why do we dedicate ourselves to their care and protection? Of course we love and cherish them. Maybe our more fierce brothers need to be reminded to call their moms, but I think the rest of us are good.

But does that place of prominence, so richly deserved by the wonderful women in our lives, warrant opening to them the doors of the Lodge room?

It does not.

Our sacred space is for us. Masonry is for men. And citing those exceptions that prove the rule does not change that. We will have to have this fight. And you will be called sexist, bigot, chauvinist, and maybe racist and homophobe as well. Steel your spines brothers. Protect your male-only spaces, or they will be destroyed.

Unless you count our guests from the Phillipines, we’re on a downward trajectory (for now; I think we will survive). Adding women to the mix will not save Masonry. It will end it. Because at that point, there will be nothing unique any longer. Just another service club. Why not join Rotary? The Episcopal church has not fared well with lesbian pastors. In fact no church has fared well once they ordain women.

In the end, Freemasonry in California will be what we allow it to become. Don’t trade your Lodge for cheaply bought virtue-signal points.

2018 Legislative Agenda

This year I was working too much, traveling too much to get to my usual legislative post ahead of Annual Communication. But I thought I would post this original draft, since I like a lot of it. 

A few PMs are asking for recognition for various Masonic organizations, including the Order of Æthelstan. Note to Antone R.E. Pierucci – he too was an English king. This is all fine, of course. 


This strikes me as common sense. I know that I have had reservations about certain PMs, always wondering if they had voted as the other PMs and I had wished. 

But 18-04…here it is again. A proclamation, phrased as a reminder, that Masonry is not Christian. And here come the tolerant fellows to remind you that the faith of your fathers doesn’t mean anything to them. Oh and if you complain, you’re certainly a racist homophobe anti-Semite  bigot of some kind. Always the same song. And sure enough we find the same small group pushing it. Hmmm 🤔 

I don’t know about you brethren, but I’m tired of being told what Masonry is or must become. Masonry is not Christian, but Americans are. And America is still a Christian nation. Our guests may not be, and we may be bad Christians, but that is not the point. There is no America without a Christian people. Don’t believe me? Watch out state for another 10 years. 

Update – Civilization is already eroding in Los Angeles, and watch where you step in San Francisco. I imagine it will get worse before it gets better. 

The UGLE and “Them”

What a time to be alive! It’s time for Lodge! Everyone get your smart skirts! 

I’m a bit behind the 8 ball here admittedly. 

The perfect coordination of mainstream media following the “Twitter row,” is really all you need to observe. The Magpie Mason has a post from last August. Listed there are articles from the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, and Daily Mail, all eager to report on the demise of our order. Here is a manufactured excuse to remind those old white guys at UGLE that they need to hurry up and admit women and trans folks so they can run the show. 

But the die is cast. The UGLE has capitulated to the demands of Her Majesty’s Government. 

So our hero, Mr. Lord (what a name), is a Mason who doesn’t 100% feel male. And he works for the Diversity™ crew for the City of London. How convenient. He goes by they. Or They go by they. And they are an activist, to be sure. 


“If it was entirely up to me I would change things, but you have to take 250,000 members with you.

“I’ve spoken fairly freely on this subject and the fact that Freemasons could be more welcoming and inclusive The one area I would change is on gender.”

Helen Lewis, associate editor of the New Statesman, told him: “I’m afraid I find it very hard to square your continued participation in the Masons with a genuine desire to smash patriarchy.” [Ed. – who talks like this? What does a genuine desire to smash patriarchy look like?]

“I don’t have the luxury of trying to effect change from within… because I am not allowed in. You can see why that rankles?” [Ed. – why does Helen so badly want to effect change in our fraternity? What did we do to her? Is she just an old schoolmarm?]

Lord replied: “Of course, I completely get it. That’s why my preference would be that membership of Freemasonry wouldn’t be restricted on gender/sex, but we will never get to that point unless some people inside the organisation say ‘hey this doesn’t make sense, why don’t we change’.” [Ed. – so he singular they also wants to make changes in the body of Masonry. Writing while intentionally using the wrong pronoun is harder than you might think]

The current law stipulates that transgender people do have a “protected characteristic” under English law and therefore access to any single sex space.

There we go, upsetting the peace and good order of society. So brother, if your Grand Lodge is interested in this type of Diversity™, what will you do about it? Just roll over and think of England? 

You Savages

In a California, we love our diversity. So much do we love it, that we repeat our mantra every chance we get. To be honest though, more and more it just sounds like we’re trying to convince ourselves, just like Planned Parenthood in this well-reasoned and scientific tweet:

I imagine some of our GL folks nodding along as they read that. 

The Most Interesting Photo

This image is perhaps the most significant piece of data in trying to explain the loggerheads at which we find ourselves. It is stunning, especially when you consider that not that long ago, the white population was above 80%. 

Here is a scenario for you: 

Over a fifty year period, 40 million Chinese folks moved to Mexico, and with their kids numbered 80 million or more. Those folks then vote in a very different way than actual Mexican people. Should the Mexican folks be happy or sad about that? How is this different then what we see in the above picture? Particularly when you look at the one group who had the vote at the beginning. 

In a tale of Masonic Diversity™, Italian dude doesn’t recognize King George VI

A testament perhaps to our vibrant diversity, I suppose. Why sould someone, even a Mason, recognize the King who died some 60+ years ago? Maybe because he’s THE King? Perhaps my expectations are too high. But maybe, just maybe, it speaks to the loss of our culture, which is to say Anglo-American (the Founders’) culture. Maybe Pauly D could brush up before his next article

But in case anyone over at California Freemason happens upon this humble outpost of loyal opposition, let me help you out. This mysterious and unidentifiable figure from the time before writing is HRH Prince Albert, Duke of York (1936). He became George VI after the abdication of his brother. He is the father of Her Majesty the Queen, and the last Emperor of India. He is certainly more than a “Grand Lodge Officer.” 

Bonus lesson. In case you guys don’t know, HRH Prince Edward, Duke of Kent is the current and longest serving Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England. 

DACA “kids” mad at us?

One thing I have not heard anyone discuss yet is why it is that the DACAs have this pent up anger at real Americans for not giving them residency or citizenship, but they’re not mad at their parents. WTF? So your mom and/or dad ripped you from your home, community and culture and brought you to a foreign place – unwelcome by the way – and you’re pissed at your hosts? Why are you not mad at your parents for your fucked up childhoods and your struggle to get by? Why do they get a pass? 

They have to go back. 


As is my wont, I went into hibernation again after the Annual Communication. After all, there is much to do in a new Grand Lodge year, and a lot to do around the blue lodge and other bodies too. Traffic to this site was surprisingly high during my hiatus. Still not where I want it to be, but more than I expected with no new posts. I have been away longer than I planned. 

2017 saw our Kindred Spirit pressured to back off, which I am not at liberty to discuss. is no more. I can’t say what the next chapter has in store for our beleaguered Worhipful brother. If I can find the material, perhaps I can repost it. 

2017 also finds yours truly on Facebook. So few Masons are to be found on Twitter. I have not done much there, but you can find me (and share with your friends!). 

2018 promises to be a year that will jostle our faith in our institutions. California is about to go HARD Left. You think Brown is bad? Wait until Newsom is in Sacramento. Our choices now are Left and Lefter. Meanwhile the God-Emperor, peace be upon him, is making war on the deep state. A just cause. And Grand Inquisitor, Jeff Sessions, is making just war in rebellious California, Sanctuary State. 

So what should we prioritize for the coming year? I would very much like to find a few other brothers out there who want to contribute to this effort. In fact, I would like affiliates in every jurisdiction! We can talk about the Grand Lodge (always entertaining), politics, or the masculine arts. Or perhaps we should discuss the death of the old Benicia Lodge after it was invaded. They tried to spin the story, but I don’t think anyone bought it. More to come. What else?